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Rain Dog has produced her last issue of  original contemporary poetry.  Unfortunately due to financial constraints and a desire to do something different we won't be producing any more issues after Issue 16. We will keep this page going though!

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Rain Dog published poetry which is exciting, moving, inspiring, honest or any combination of these.

We were looking for writers who had not yet been published and those who were  well experienced. Themes, subjects and styles were left up to the individual writer. The only rule was that your poem should not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

We were particularly interested in submissions from women. As women ourselves we wanted to encourage women to write in their own style about the issues that interest them and to offer them a realistic chance of publication. In addition we have found women to be consistently under represented in many of the existing poetry magazines and wanted to provide a space where they can see their work in print. This got us a bit of aggro and some ridicule but so what?

Submissions no longer being accepted - sorry!


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