June 2005

Readers Poll Winners for this issue: 
1st:  Pat Winslow: Handbag Stories

2nd: Robert Etty: Thing of the Past 

3rd: Eleanor Livingstone: The Bus Drivers Vision 


John Ash
Christopher Barnes
A Library afternoon or a Civil Servent Dreaming
Charles Bennett
Postcard to WS Graham
The Golden Sofa
Carole Bromley
Ticino Evening
Philip Burton  Scotland the Brave
Pamela Coren
The Pink Straw Hat of the Accordian Man
Daughter Down Under
Michael Cunningham
Talking to Jane in My Head
I opened the Door and Entered the Room
Robert Etty
Thing of the Past
Jo Gray
The Wedding Singer
David Greenslade
Jen Hadfield
Gren Buttonhole
John G Hall
The Origins of the Tea Plant
Jeannine Hall Gailey
The Snow Queen
Josh Hanson
Hay Moon Manifest
Chris Kinsey
After Artemis
Helen Larham
Rebirth of Saint George
Eleanor Livingstone
The Bus Driver's Vision
Rachel Mann  She is a Place
Cath Nichols
Written in Ice
Stephen Owen
Susan Richardson
The Ice is Wearing Purple
Copland Smith
Beach Glass
Vienna On Garrowby Hill, in the Cold
Hybridising for Beginners
John West
Past 50
Joanna Weston
Spray-Painted Names
Robin Lindsay Wilson
Pat Winslow
Handbag Stories
Reviews of:  Pat Winslow's Skin & Dust, Chris Kinsey's Kung Fu Lullabies and Pamela Coren's The Blackbird Inspector

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