March 2003

Readers Poll Winners for this issue: 
1st:  Jen Hadfield: Other Household Gods 

2nd:  Ian Mullins: Out in the Backyard on Bonfire Night

3rd:  Melanie Penycate: Feeding Hummingbirds on the Radio


Kelli Russell Agodon A Mermaid Questions God
Conversing with the Dead Man at the Crematory
Liz Atkin
(Diamond Twig)
After all these years
Christopher Barnes Don’t Explain
Julia Bird The Bower Bird’s Song 
Christine Brandel  She Made Five Mistakes 
Noel Conneely  Paddy
Quai de la Fontaine 
R L Cook Death-will
Simon De Courcey  Palimpsest
Nell Farrell Adrift 
Jen Hadfield
Other household gods
Naming the Mythic Man
Strath Ossian
Sheila Hamilton Lime
Jan Hargreaves Chadderton Childhood 
Unexpected Delay
Almira Holmes  The Man I Married
Mrs Foster 
Adrian Johnson Death Smiles Through the Smoke
Rachel Kerr Decree Absolut
Joel Lane  Reverb
Chelle Miko Rituals for A.C 
Ian Mullins A Woman in Winter
Out in the Backyard on Bonfire Night
Rebecca O’Connor Hearing Dog
Melanie Penycate Feeding Humming birds on the radio
Lee Stannard Effect and Cause 
Judith Taylor Awake
Pam Thompson Back
Ruth E Walker Mothers Song
Juliet Wilson
Pat Winslow  Owls over Cirencester
Patrick Widdess Cycling to Tourlida 
John Younger Bluer than Blue
Patricia Zontelli Postcard from Mexico
Postcard from Paris
Postcard from the Tropics 
Postcard: March

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