September 2002

Readers Poll Winners for this issue: 
1st:  Lorraine Fothergill: A reading for Mama 

2nd:  Maureen Almond: Hangover

3rd:  Susannah Marshall: Cold Comfort


Maureen Almond  Mutton
Chloe Balcomb  Surfing 
Longshore Drift
Chrisopher Barnes  Sax Stalk 
A Gesture or an Accident
Zoe Brigley  Exorcism 
My Grandfather
Ashley Chantler  The Unappreciated
Pamela Coren  Malcolm 
The Death’s Head Galliard
Claire Crowther  Gecko’s Tail
Julia Darling Doing The Crossword
Lorraine Fothergill  A reading for Mama 
The Smallest Room 
Rosie Garland Recovery Room
Geraldine Green  Shopping with a Friend
Marie-Louise Hogan Hogan Baba Yoga Has a Cold
Almira Holmes  Woman driver
Mrs Foster
Penny Hope  Do Not
Adrian Johnson  Happy Shopper
Peter Knaggs  Me and the Mermaid 
Just Shopping 
Joel Lane  Neo 
Marilyn Longstaff Out to Dry
Aoife Mannix  The I Love You Virus
Susannah Marshall  Cold Comfort 
Amy McCauley  The fire won’t let me sleep
Thomas McColl  The Price of Fame
Bruce McCrae  Script for film 
Locusts of light 
Bill Mitton  A Wet Squirrel 
Stranded Shoe
Diana Newson  Bullying from the Boss
Anne Ryland  Doll’s House
The Launderer Mother
Steven Taylor Valley Girl 
Sean South of Garryowen
Rodney Wood  A Brief Moment of Happiness
Howard Wright  The Adult Channel 

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