September 2001

Readers Poll Winners for this issue: 
1st: Janis Freegard:  Thirteen thoughts about Toasters

2nd: Avril Heffernan:  An unhinged tirade of hate 

3rd: sean burn: woolworths check out operator ov the year


Robert Berry Anglia
Lynda Brooks  Dad’s Swans
Pat Brown Dog Days
sean burn somewhere milometers are hummin / hymnin us toward/s the next set ov zeros 
woolworths check out operator ov the year
Natasha Carthew Leaving Las London
Elaine Charwat Past Midnight: For Lukas
Pamela Coren  Kitchen Design 
Pan in December
The Old Game
Andrew Detheridge  Travelling Light 
John Duffy  Lantern
Woodland  then farmland then moorland
The feeling of not belonging
Janis Freegard Thirteen thoughts about Toasters
Jolivia Gaston Who Are You?
Hannah Godfrey  Lake Pixel 
Ronnie Goodyer  Incident 
Avril Heffernan  An unhinged tirade of hate 
Maria Theresa Moerman Ib Mother-of-Pearl 
Lucy Maddux  Westside 
Emma McKee Day Release
Frances Nagle For Liz
John Siddique  Industrial Landscape 1953 
Sue Stern  A Bonus Year 
Virgil Suárez How the Days Go in the Tropics 
Mandy Sutter Holiday
Loft Door
Penelope Talbert drumbeat background
driving to ohio
Steven Taylor  Take me to the River
Harriet Torr High Room 
The Boy 
Sue Vickerman  English Cathedral
John West  The Fascinating Seagull
Living with Sylvia Plath
Howard Wright  She is Not Your Wife
Reviews of: Anna Woodford's The Higgins' Honeymoon, Jim Mangnall's Song Cycle and Peter Knaggs' Cowboy Hat.

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