September  2000

Readers Poll Winners for this issue: 
1st:  Emma Jane Arkady: At Watford Flight on the Bridge over  Lock One

2nd: Clare Shaw: Ivan 

3rd: Sheila Hamilton: The Visit 


Kerry Andrew

She Said
Emma Jane Arkady Ark of the Covenant
At Watford Flight on the Bridge over Lock One
Joanna Ashwell Discovery
Cathy Bolton A place to Die 
Journey home from Iona
Philip Burton  The Au Secours Postcard 
The New Oasis 
Carter  Ode to Edna
Daniel Cassiel  Japanese October 
Jennifer Compton Princess on Wheels
Sarah Corkhill  Give Away Child 
Shoot Man 
Finella Davenport Sailors
Ann Egan By Her Hands
Janet Fisher
Autobiography of a Careless Woman
Hen Night 
Stuart Galligan
Blue Cortina
Sheila Hamilton Dreamcatcher
The Visit
David Hart
CD Restaurant

The Hillside is Claiming Back its Stone
Jenny Howard  Blue Shoes
Esmond Jones Correcting Cornelius
Liz Kirby  Singing Lesson 
Beethoven Listening
The Turning of the Year
Eleanor Livingstone Rapunzul's Daughter
Robin Sen Colour Schemes
Clare Shaw
Bob Slaymaker All-American Irish Kid, Queens, New York, 1968
Sue Stern Mugfaced
Garry Stork In October
Steven Taylor Denver Coralado
V Vaughan
Star-crossed Lovers
Steven Waling My Hen Had a Haddock
Reviews of:  Joan Johnston's What You Want, Francesca Pridham's Red Jam and Caroline Gilfillan's Drowned in Overspill

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