John Calvert


[Llatai: A welsh medieval poem in which the poet asks an animal to carry a love-message to his object of desire.]
Fox flitting across suburbia
Skirting the built up
Hold on a minute
can I ask you, just for an hour or so
on this mild southern night
To change your route
Take a walk to the house of the bright young woman
(you know the one)
Take a peek in the window
Even now
she's unzipping her long black boots
And is already through her second red wine
clicking the remote - mid-way through Changing Rooms
would you do me a favour?
Tell her, I've got it bad
And it'll be down to her to sort it out
on your way there, don't down any dodgy chicken
watch out for joyriders on Mauldeth Road
Mind those airport trains
Go now, I'll see you somewhere on the map.

© John Calvert, 2002

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