Steven Taylor

Charlie George

Where I live in London
Other people come into contact
With Charlie George all the time.
It’s just like getting on a bus.

I know the man who sells him
Fruit and Veg and supports Leeds
For no obvious reason. A football
Coach who came up through the 
Arsenal youth team with Charlie
and lived in Thailand for a while.
A woman who was alone with him,
Charlie, until four in the morning
Only last Saturday.

Obviously, you hear stories …

I always thought that Charlie George 
Was a pretty cool footballer. Not as
Elegant as Liam Brady. But not half-bad
Considering that his hair was such a mess.
A terrible mess. I think he went to Derby
Afterwards. The Baseball Ground. The
Rams. Cool as a cucumber. Cool as a 
Cauliflower. Lettuces.

This absence of nerves:

It could just as easily be
The complete lack of an Imagination.

You’d need to check with someone.
Someone who, who actually knows
Him. Charlie. My wife.

That woman who was alone with him.

                                                                                  © Steven Taylor, 2000

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